2016 04-24

Monster Legends – Review


For some time on Facebook are emerging many games where our mission is simply to create an army of creatures and put them against other creatures of some other player. A mechanism that is reaching desperation, but there are some good titles out there just waiting to be played.

Monster Legends can be a good title or a bad title, depending on how you look. First of all it is a game where we have to manage a team of monsters and obviously resources that link to these creatures, with a game engine and mechanisms very familiar and used around the social network, thus making this game very accessible and easy to get started.
The way we create monsters through several pairs and research is fun and has a certain logic of its own, and thus a factor having to think before clicking anywhere in search of some object to get to the next fight. It must be said also that each monster has a certain personality, something that makes them unique if you can tell. And it is certainly a good thing become aware of a new monster that is not only a breakthrough graphics, but also a new acquaintance.

We hatched a little monster which then evolved as a Pokemon giving him room. So you have already guessed, Monster Legends is neither more nor less a Freemium, the objective being to make you addicted pretty quickly before they get you to pay to move faster

or use this monster legends hack tool. The definition of what freemium is a free game, in which you can pay to do in two seconds what you would have done in several hours without paying … On the Marketing is very strong and fashionable, Just look at it, all mobile games (Android, iPhone, tablet or iPad) now uses this process in the same goal: to make you addicted to the game and make you pay.

Monster Legends in this regard has a great graphics. To be honest it is very generic, cheezy, but thankfully keeps the same average. The fact that the game uses familiar mechanics and used in other games but doesn’t make it better, far from it. Finally, the time that is spent to get the right resources and the right pair for our little monsters is just too much for those who want to play for free, putting the matter of paying a harsh reality in Monster Legends.

However a good game in the style “Pokémon” that recommend trying.

Best Tips for Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga Tips

Concerning the game Farm Heroes Saga, we already proposed you the iPhone and Android, test and a ticket solution that will give you some guidance to complete the levels.

In this Match 3 game, the goal is to create groups of at least 3 identical items to fill in the objects in each level. To help you in your quest, we offer below a series of tips and tricks that will help you necessarily at one time or another:

The first advice is very simple: don’t make hasty moves. Think well before you opt for a choice because the movements will be more rare over the game and the slightest error will prevent you from achieving your objectives.

When the problem arises, first directly eliminate chicks and flowers. Indeed, longer you wait and it will be difficult to achieve.

If you combine fruits with vegetables, this will multiply their values and will allow you to more quickly complete the objectives.

If some of your friends are kind enough to send you lives, close the window of lives received before starting the game. This will allow you to keep in stock and use them when you have exhausted your 5 lives.

We offer soon new tricks about the game Farm Heroes Saga.

Until then, good luck to all!

Farm heroes saga : Way Lock Bypass – how it works?

In “farm heroes saga” circumvent the way lock easily. This will bring you more quickly to the next range. In this tip, we can show you several ways.

Farm heroes saga: so you can bypass the way lock free

If you want to bypass the way lock on the end of a range, you must in “farm heroes saga” pay with gold bullion and the way free to buy. You have two options, alternative free to bypass the way lock.

  • For one, you can ask friends. If you are connected for example with Facebook you can ask three contacts for help. Simply send your friends the way lock a request and wait for. Three friends confirm the request, you can in the next “farm heroes saga” move area.
  • You are not connected to Facebook, or want to ask anybody, you can even bypass the way lock with the farm heroes saga hack tool. To do this, you need the latest complete “Raccoon disgusting” level with at least two stars. Then generated farm friends unlock the way you.

Glovo, the application for request messages and receive them wherever you are


Imagine for a moment that we are in our office working and have suddenly forgotten us buy something very important. In principle there would be no turning back since when we go out to work, all the shops will be closed. And if you say that there is an application that allows us to send people to collect our orders? It is Glovo and we are going to tell what.

Glovo, your home city

But, what exactly is Glovo? Glovo is an application with which we can buy our favorite products and receive them in a few minutes. He is a service that can be used both on the web and with your mobile phone, for it just need a computer or a device with connection to the network to use it. Thanks to it can be requested to the shippers who work for Glovo, that we buy, send or collect any product in return for paying a fare with a price of between 1.90 to 4.90 euros over the value of the product in question.

And who are the shippers? The shippers are responsible for saving time to us, the customers. They are that will meet our desires, since while we are busy, they will do our assignments. We have to go and buy any product for dinner and we can not leave the office? They will do it for us and will bring us the job personally.

How does Glovo work? Very easy. We will make the request, the Commissioner or nearest Glover to us will accept the assignment, will go to buy it and will take us to where you are in person. At the time of receipt of the product, we will accept it and pay from your own application with our credit card. Easier impossible. In this way they gain all; us because we save time and the deckhands because earn extra money by working to Glovo. But at the moment only available in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Milan, although we are sure that it will soon be extended to many other cities.

Glovo does not put any limits, are increasingly more users who use the application and therefore increasingly appear new requests. Glovo offers a wide range of possibilities, to adapt not only to individuals, but also offices, SMEs or local businesses. Thus, the different types of products that we can apply, include requests for food, gifts – flowers for our brides? – drugs that do not require a prescription and there is even the possibility that that bring us tobacco. Now no one will say that’s… it was a tobacco and did not return.

And security? Glovo ensures that shipments will be immediate, therefore, boasts that the user will not wait more than 60 minutes to receive your order. Exceeded it, as well as to contact the Gofer to check that it has not had any kind of problem, the service will be free for the customer.

In addition, Glovo covers any type of incidence up to 2,000 euro and guarantees that our card data never are stored in application already used its own payment service, so it avoided having to give our bank account.

Sign up now and get your first order free

As reader websitevaluefinder.com, Glovo offers us a code for new users who will make our first order free of charge, in addition to receiving $ 5 balance. Only have to enter this code at the time of check in service: NICETOGLOVEYOU.

Glovo is definitely a service that is great for saving time and perform tasks or messages that otherwise would be impossible to perform. We have already tested it and strongly recommend.

2016 04-14

Let’s Play Jurassic World for PC

Jurassic World for PC

Jurassic World™ is a free application in which you live with more than 50 enormous dinosaurs need to raise and train so they can fight your opponents.

Jurassic World™ is a free application in which you live with more than 50 enormous dinosaurs need to raise and train so they can fight your opponents. It is a program developed for mobile devices can run under Windows with bluestacks.

You’ll start by building a futuristic theme park in this unique experience that combines at the same time construction and fights dinosaurs. In your Park, you will raise and grow your dinosaurs in order to have a powerful team that can fight in the arena. You will also discover new species of extraordinary dinosaurs taking packets of cards with full of surprises.

In this game, you must well take care of your dinosaur each day by feeding them well and also giving them genetic improvements. Jurassic World gives us the opportunity to play fun games online as it has several modes of play, Arcade game that involves completing small individual assignments and the online game is much more entertaining, we have to overcome in our opponent that as we play online and want to conquer new territories.

Jurassic World™ is an action game in which you will have at your disposal more than 50 different species of dinosaurs, you will need to change after their eggs hatch. As such, you challenging opponents around the world in fights.

The life of this album is really very important: indeed, 50 different species of dinosaurs are present and you must unlock them one after the other. Collect food to give to your protected to advance and win all the fights in the arena.
With regard to the soundtrack of the game, all the ingredients are there, but it is no longer exceptional. Thus, atmosphere music can energize the adventure, while the sound effects come give a little spice to the game, particularly during the battles of dinosaurs.

To play this game from a machine, it is important to download bluestacks. This is after you install this emulator that you will start to find your game at the level of its search bar. However, if you need tips and guide about this game, you can learn more at jurassicworldhack.net.

Game of war – the 5 best game tips



The five best bets for the free strategy game app “game of war” we’ll tell you in this article.

1. Get more gold in game of war

Gold is in the game game of war the premium currency. Therefore it is worth to conserve it well and only then to speed up in building construction to use the gold, if it is absolutely necessary. So you reach with simple means faster more gold:

  • Build a gold mine and join with Facebook. So you will receive 100 gold pieces. Here, you can also give gold to Facebook friends and again which get back.
  • Visit the casino every day and turn on the wheel of fortune. Make a treasure chest hides often also the coveted Gold.
  • Join in an Alliance. Here, too, you get 100 gold pieces as a welcome gift.
  • Also find gold mines on the map and remove gold there. Under certain circumstances the removal of a piece of gold but 15 minutes.
  • Of course, gold can be obtain via in-app purchase. However, this is the most expensive.

2. Faster progress in game of war

For completed tasks, you will receive rewards, with which you can further expand your city in this strategy game. So you get the fastest progress:

  • Regularly take part in quests. In game of war three different kinds are waiting for you: Empire quests and daily quests Alliance quests.
  • As a reward you will receive raw materials and silver. You also get gems and your heroes experience points can exist.
  • For completed Alliance quests, there are also loyalty points and money.

3. Effectively collect game of war resources

In addition to gold, also other resources such as silver, for example, play a role. How to get more resources quickly and effectively:

  • Build villas in your town and take to silver.
  • Attacking new players to sack their silver inventories.
  • Build lumberjack, mines, quarries and farms already at the beginning of the game, to get resources regularly. Do sell any excess in the market place.
  • Occupy uninhabited land with farms and mines.

4. Building in game of war quick to expand

The construction of new buildings and their expansion in claim takes most of the time. Faster complete the construction:

  • The easiest way is to build buildings faster, to invest gold. However, this is the most expensive way.
  • Join in any case an Alliance. So you can press for the expansion of a building on the help button and ask other members of the Alliance for help. The helpers must click with him only the help button and speed up so your expansion. The action is free of charge.

5. Game of war – use cheats?

  • Like most games apps of this way, there are normally no cheats.
  • Caution is advised when cheats, which are shown on Gameofwargoldhack.com.
  • In the worst case you get a Trojan or your account is hacked. Therefore, we recommend: finger away!

If cheats are legal and what to consider, learn in a further practical tip.

Create a professional website with STRATO

professional website

Spectacular boom that has had in recent years eCommerce has been that almost all companies have an online version of their business and many entrepreneurs have decided to start new projects in the network. It is a natural process, since our potential customers are on the Internet; connected to social networks, exchanging opinions and looking for references on the companies to purchase products and services. We can not miss the advantages that the online world offers to us to promote our business, but what we need to get started? The first thing is to create a professional website, which will be the image of our company in the online world.

Many of our customers are neither designers nor developers and do not have the necessary knowledge on how to create a professional website. In STRATO, we understand that the amount of information can be overwhelming to a newcomer, and why our web Creator offers you simply and without complications of working on your page.

Then, we tell you how to create a professional website in 5 easy steps:

  • Enter the Strato.es domain registrar.
  • First, you have to register your domain name. In Strato.es you can find different endings (classical domains and new domains) and prices.
  • Enter the “My Web” section in Strato.es. Within your admin panel you can choose templates for your project, according to theme.
  • Customize your website. With design tools you can change fonts, color, and images from your website. All we can do with the intuitive system of STRATO.
  • Now just add content. Keep in mind that a good content with quality images make the difference between an amateur and a professional website.

We hope to have solved your doubts about how to create a professional website with STRATO. It’s simple, don’t hesitate and start your project online today.

Create a professional website is easier with STRATO

In Strato.es we have a creator of web pages that offers advantages to those seeking to create your page in a simple and effective way. Our system can handle without any previous knowledge of programming or design in a very intuitive way and having absolute control over the final result. In addition, if you create your professional website in STRATO, you can optimize your website to make it compatible with different mobile devices (adjustable design), automatically create your Facebook page, add multiple widgets, and increase the chances of your website, such as for example a map with the location of your business or your social networks.

If during the process of creating your page you have questions or need advice, our professional customer service is at your disposal. Start your new adventure online at Strato.es!

Dragon City – Cheats to generate unlimited gems


Newly Dragon City was released for the game Dragon City released April 12. This game involves the user in dragons multiplying and the construction of a mysterious and wonderful world in the Dragon City. The main goal of the player should be to become the Dragon Master by running up the dragons after they win their battles one can choose in addition to one hundred dragons. This game was released for Android, as well as for the Facebook social media Web site. In both versions, the design is surprising, that this game can become really fast dependency. So it may become irritating if things do not go your way.

So we decided to release the new hacks for Dragon City. This will certainly help users to get the desired result. Although this hack has been released, it has quickly become the most popular Dragon City hack. As some of the players are not as good as they should be, this hack gives them a chance to feel the excitement and not feel bad if they lose, because they will always have everything that they need and want in the game.

Hack for Dragon City has been developed by an experienced team of researchers and they did quite a good job, as the hack did not even failed on the test, during its test phase. This software was tested on many features and it has passed the tests with good results every time. This hack is 100% virus-free and for mobile phones. This hack would not cause stop device, hang, or collapse. In addition this hack is completely undetectable and can only be removed by the user after the installation and the robot by some antivirus software. The Dragon City hack tool are reliable and you can take our word for it.

There are many good features of this dragon city hack tool, which were quite appreciated by fans of this game. In such less time, this hack has extended 500,000 downloads already. Also download this hack and the hen installing it is very simple. Someone could do, and we have provided not required also. Also the user interface is simple and navigation should be quite easy. The necessary important steps install this hack are:

1. Download the file and open it.
2. Connect the device with your laptop or computer.
3. The hack would detect the game tool to date. After the device is detected, put the number of assets.
4. Start hack and follow further instructions.

The Dragon City hack lets the user have many things, which might be hard to reach otherwise. Some of them are:
1. The hack gives unlimited coins to the user.
2. The user also gets the unlimited number of precious stones.
3. The hack also gives the dragons unlimited food.

Review of Summoners War: Sky Arena

Summoners War: Sky Arena

Summoners War: Sky Arena is an adventure game developed by Com2uS Corp.. This is a tour of online role-playing game that is based on the model which is a business strategy that combines an offer to access free, totally accessible to everyone and a premium offer by purchasing the Crystal.

It is a very demanding strategy game that exists on iPhone, Android, Tablet and iPad. This is a game which is published in several languages, including the french, the English, Russian, etc. this game is a RPG involving in fighting to turn, in a style very Final Fantasy that connoisseurs will appreciate, in which players have the opportunity to involve more than 400 monsters of different types during the clashes to help them win.

Each player has a headquarters where he keeps these monsters in specific structures. It can be merge its monsters thanks to new combinations.

These structures allow to release the monsters needed. You will need to assemble a team of monsters that can be 4 or 5 depending on the game mode, to progress on the map in Adventure mode, or fight other players in an arena. All these monsters in the game are accessible from the five elements. So you fire, wind and water watches beside which you will find monsters monsters of light and darkness.

All these monsters are very different from each other and there are variances within a same category. You will make rapid progress as packs of crystals of mana and jewels, in-game currency can be achieved in many ways like the drop, daily rewards or facing opponents in the arena.

In the villages, you have the possibility to buy jewelry, rolls of liberation and also to accept different types of missions in which you can be facing all kinds of enemies. What generates points of experience and also red crystals. The battles in this game take place in the turns. You have direct control over your characters and you can choose the attacks or skills you want to use on your enemies among many others, according to the benefits they offer.

You can refine your monsters, developing up to their maximum level. You can use improvements found during your quest to evolve your monsters. You have also a Runic system allowing you to select capabilities to teach your monsters.

You have also an automatic mode which allows you to release your monsters at the simple battles without major issues. You will need to decorate your village and explore dungeons and the surroundings looking for Red crystals and other surprises. Summoners War graphics: Sky Arena is breathtaking.

It is a 3D graphics where epic battles are spectacular. The bearing of the events is regular, thus, every day you have the opportunity to earn two packs of 20 energy if you are connected between 00 to 03 hours 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in winter and 1 hour to 4 hours and 11 hours to 14 hours in summer.

You can thanks to essences awaken a monster and do it quickly scale up to the sixth star. However the Red crystals are dwindling rapidly and the species are very rare. More life points decrease quickly and you must wait to have the new, unless you decide to get by purchasing online. Read more quide about how to win the battle at Summonerswarhackapk.com

5 tools to create professional websites in HTML5


HTML5 is becoming trendy, so let’s share some free tools to create professional websites in minutes, using and supporting this standard, tools presented a few days ago in machoarts.com


We start the list with Initializr, a simple tool with which you can create professional websites in HTML5 in a few minutes, so just have to choose the parameters that we want to have our site, choose the design and download the project to our computer in ZIP format.


In second place we find Modernizr, a JavaScript library of open source which allows us to detect the support of features of the new standards of the W3C in the user’s browser. The main function of this code is that he informs us of the compatibility of the browser that the user providing an experience with alternative, thus can automatically apply a certain style/property so that you can comfortably enjoy our web site.


Wallaby is a desktop application created by Adobe that allows you to easily convert a FLA file to HTML, this way we can show alternative content if the user does not have flash enabled in your browser.


On the other hand we find SproutCore, a Javascript framework of open source and cross-platform that allows us to create web applications that look similar if not equal to the of a native application on computer.

CSS3 Generator

CSS3 Generator is a tool ideal for programmers who are just beginning in this scene, basically allowing you to do is to create features custom in CSS3, so only have to choose the variable and modify the parameters that we are asked.

To end this article, I’d like to know some applications that you use of this caliber, this form ayudareis to thousands of users to more easily manage this new standard of the W3.

2016 04-11

Game of War, the little-known mobile game that is preparing to raise $ 250 million


Launched quietly last summer, this strategy online game ranks third place in games generating the most money on smartphone and tablet.

His name is perhaps not very well known, but he managed to get his place among the greats. Played daily by two million people, Game of War: Fire Age today ranks third place in mobile games generating the most money on the AppStore, behind Clash of Clans and Candy Crush. Making every day more than 600,000 dollars, its developer, the Californian studio Machine area, now attracted investors.

According to Bloomberg, Machine area is in negotiations with the bank JPMorgan to raise $ 250 million. This round leverage the company, based in Palo Alto, at $ 3 billion. Is just above Zynga, the inventor of Farmville, which is today worth 2.7 billion dollars, and a few notches behind the Candy Crush Editor, King, valued at $ 6 billion.

Launched in July 2013 on iOS, then on smartphones and Android tablets last March, Game of War: Fire Age is an online strategy game whose goal is to win wars to expand his empire. To do this, the player is prompted to diplomatic alliances with players from around the world, with which it can discuss in its language. The game indeed embarked translation tools that enable french, Finnish and Korean players to understand and plan strategies.

Turnover $ 600 million

Game of War may be downloaded and played for free. But the player progression is greatly facilitated if it buys with money real in-game currency. 660 gold coins are thus worth 4.49 euros, while a pack of 28,000 pieces can redeem 89.99 euros. So since one year, the number of downloads of Game of War is fluctuating, the revenues generated by the game remain almost constant. The application therefore managed to retain its players and encourage them to come out regularly their credit card to redo their full of gold. The Wall Street Journal argues that Machine area is preparing to Pocket $ 600 million in turnover throughout the year 2014.

A true success story for a company that originally created applications for dating sites. The shift to video game took in 2012. A year and a half, a team of 80 people is used to create the iOS version of Game of War, with a $ 16 million fundraising financed. “We did not follow the specification of what must be, for many people, a mobile game”, explained to Venture Beat Machine area founder Gabe Leydon. “People say that a game for smartphone must propose short game sessions. It was quite the opposite “. The success of the application allowed the company to launch the development of an Android version and throw the game to the Japan, Korea, and soon in China. Today, Machine area employs over 150 people.

Read also the awesome trick how to get more resources for Game of War at Gameofwarhackcheats.com