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Small Kitchen Design Minimalist

Now, lots of people looking for a spacious minimalist design small house to make it look more simple. for a small house is none other than the manufacture of kitchen is small anyway, the word small does not mean ugly or smelly kono. Small synonymous with minimalism and minimalist means having a narrow size and not widespread. Minimalist house will have a minimalist kitchen as well. small kitchen does not mean stuffy or narrow, you can build a small kitchen but it seemed beautiful and elegant is to draft the best possible by reference to the many views around you.


The kitchen which has a tipsdecordesign.com size not so wide so requires the design and arrangement of the room was good so the kitchen so dirty and can not seem comfortable to be seen. The kitchen is a room that must exist in a house as function of the kitchen to cook and is commonly used as a store of materials – materials kitchen or food. So that the atmosphere can cook comfortably and feels relaxed when automatic cooking kitchen design should also be comfortable to live. For now the housewife wants her kitchen have a room with a multifunctional which can be used as a dining room and room to relax with the family of his. With a concept like that, you can put one set of tables and chairs are simple but have comfort when used to eat in the kitchen, in addition to that you can put a sofa along the long table complete with a variety of magazines or newspapers so with so only used to cook your kitchen is now also able to be used to relax by reading.


Therefore the opinion of those who say that the narrow kitchen would not be comfortable it was mistaken for a minimalist kitchen design with a simple kitchen will be even more convenient because the design really does not look excessive. In the minimalist kitchen you should pay attention to air circulation, to get a smooth air circulation you need to create a window or ventilation and adequate lighting for your kitchen so as not stuffy and the results increasingly feels fresher kitchen. For the selection of the type of floor should also be considered for safety in the kitchen is very important when you are cooking, avoid choosing a slippery ceramic tile and adjust the color of the interior is in the kitchen.

Try to give the ceramic on the walls of the kitchen because the kitchen is always dirty identical if there are ceramics that cover the walls, the cleanup will be easier. With so rooms were fairly narrow can still be expressed with great ideas you in designing a small kitchen minimalist so you do not need to be ashamed or embarrassed when guests or family you come home and then see your activities when cooking will feel as well comfort your kitchen cool and fresh. Learn first placement of your goods that will be inside the kitchen before you build a house and designing the kitchen should get rid of stuff – stuff that no function in the kitchen so that your kitchen looks neat is certainly not falling apart. That article titled kitchen design is minimalist , plan carefully before you build a kitchen for your home so the results according to what you want. If necessary you should contact the architecture for maximum results. may be useful.

20 Health Benefits of Cardamom For Amazing

Did you know, seasoning the most expensive in the world? First Safron, then vanilla.Cardamom in third. Cardamom is very famous in the world of herbal and alternative medicines. Cardamom is a spice that is very beneficial for health and beauty. Any nutrients contained cardamom? Cardamom contains +/- 300 calories per 100 grams.Other content cardamom is fiber, carbohydrates, essential oils, potassium, calcium, sodium, iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, vitamin C, and magnesium. The previous article, we have discussed about the benefits of cayenne pepper to health . Starting from the prevention of premature aging and so on. Similarly, about the benefits and efficacy of Basil For Health . Other cooking spices, such as ginger and turmeric also we peeled benefits for health and beauty. Now turn to the Health Benefits of cardamom, which is no less important than other traditional materials.
Manfaat Kapulaga yang menakjubkan Bagi Kesehatan

Cardamom For Health Benefits Amazing

1. Streamlining Digestive and Maintaining Healthy Stomach


Consuming Cardamom may increase saliva production.This means, the digestion of food takes place smoothly. Similarly, the fiber contained by cardamom able to prevent constipation. Fibers contained by Cardamom is good for the intestines. Essential oils are dkandung by Cardamom can prevent the gas in the stomach. So, cardamom can prevent flatulence. Ulcers are commonly called ulcers can be treated by cineol, a kind of oil found on Cardamom.It is also caused by substances in the cardamom which is anti-bacterial.


2. Increases blood circulation Cardamom helps to increase circulation of blood.


This spice also has the ability to lower blood pressure and prevent blood clotting. It is associated with fiber and potassium contained by it. Blood pressure became normal due neutral sodium in the body.


3. Preventing Gastric acidity For you people Magh,


Cardamom is good for you. This is related Cardamom role in helping Gall.


4.Preventing Osteoporosis


To maintain bone health, there are two substances that are indispensable, namely vitamin C and manganese. Especially for women in the postmenopausal period.


5. Eliminate Pain


Cardamom is an analgesic, relieve muscle pain, pain, and seizures. Cardamom is also an anti-inflammatory so it can be used to treat inflammation of the gums. 6. Keeping Kidney Health Research found that cardamom is a diuretic and a role in kidney health. Cardamom is also effective in treating diseases in the urinary tract, such as cystitis and nephritis.


7. Boost Immune System By taking cardamom can improve immunity. It is good for the resistance to bacteria and other pathogens.


8. Eliminate Depression Cardamom can be used as aromatherapy, reduce nervous tension, depression. Pour a glass of cardamom when depressed mood improves.


9. Keeping Heart Health Cardamom has the ability to facilitate the circulation of blood. So, healthy for your heart.


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Outbound Malang Tourism

The world’s outbound in Malang is already familiar. Because tens of outbound provider in Malang compete into outbound provider is best for the client. Outbound Malang is one of the trusted outbound provider.


outbound malang


Outbound travel Batu Malang’ve heard about it? It is the solution to your travel is already saturated with travel in general. In addition to testing the dexterity can also train the cooperation between friends. It is important for you who work in the office and requires working in a team. Outbound travel Batu Malang outbound experience that is second to none.


Because outbound malang always innovating be the best provider. As a matter of outbound locations, Outbound Malang select locations outbound malang tourism at its best, strategic and nice.


outbound malang


But where is the best location of outbound malang? We outbound malang outbound provider in malang hapless best in town that will take care of all the needs of the following outbound malang. We have cooperated with outbound locations in Malang, of course we work with the best outbound tourist attractions and professional.


One of them outbound travel in Malang famous is located in outbound travel Tirta Nirwana Songgoriti. Taman Nirwana Water Tourism Songgoriti, located in Jalan Songgoriti, Songgokerto Village, Batu. Access is easy because it is located between Jalan Songgoriti and Arumdalu Road, the Batu City. From the center of Malang is approximately 21 kilometers and at an altitude of 500 meters below sea level (masl).


outbound malang


Parks Water tourism nirvana Songgoriti located in an area surrounded by hills. So that the air is cool and refreshing that you get. Region Songgoriti tirta nirvana is broad enough so as to accommodate group travelers. In addition there is also a complete outbound rides such as flying fox, spider web, two-line bridge, and a variety of rides outbound challenging your adrenaline.


Objek Wisata Outbound di Malang

Holiday one word a thousands meanings, the word holiday but difficult to realize. How can it be difficult to realize? Because sometimes we are too busy with work in the office, or you almost do not adda quality time with family. Once there vacation plan, the preparation is very complicated.


Well ya often really happens, all you need is enough time for vacation planning. Because even if it seems trivial but it takes careful planning, you know. Ranging from tourist destinations, lodging, souvenirs, dizziness is also yes.


outbound malang


There just calm we can help all your problems on holiday preparations. Outbound Objek Wisata Outbound di Malang, is he the solution. Now the road – the road to the malang city is getting funny . Because  attractions in outbound malang different to other Objek Wisata Outbound in Malang


Objek Wisata Outbound in Malang besides presenting outbound leisure parks and outbound travel also have facilities that lengkap.some Objek Wisata Outbound in  Malang are:


  1. Tirta Nirwana Songgoriti

Tirta nirwana songgoriti located in Jalan Songgoriti, Songgokerto Village, the batu city is open every day except Thursday starting at 7:00 to 17:00 pm. Tourist sites of admission is $ 10,000, and the peak season could reach Rp 15,000. Special groups of at least 30 people can get a 75% discount (up to Rp 6,000 tickets per person).


outbound malang


To get Tirta Nirwana Songgoriti bathing area can be accessed from several directions. Its location right at the intersection is the intersection of Jalan Jalan Songgoriti and Arumdalu, Batu. If from the Town Square Jalan Batu through Songgoriti, can be reached by taking the road Gajah Mada continue straight until you reach Jalan Trunojoyo. Then proceed towards the street Brigjend. M. Manan and turn towards Jalan Songgoriti to find a crossroad with a gate that reads “Tirta Baths Nirvana”.


  1. Selecta Recreation Park

Selecta recreation park is a recreational park that is famous for its flower gardens and baths, but these things also are provided various facilities such as outbound games foox flying, horse arenas, water bikes, and many rides that you can enjoy with your family. In the recreational park you can selecta family invites you to enjoy the cool air of the mountains typical Kota Batu and also enjoy the beauty of the flower garden, of course, will refresh your tiredness.


  1. Coban Rondo Waterfall
  2. outbound malang

Tourism Coban Rondo Waterfall Malang is one very popular tourist destination among both domestic and foreign travelers. Waterfall of 84 meters and is located at an altitude of 1,135 meters above sea level is derived from Dudo Cemoro springs located on the slopes of Gunung Kawi with a debit of 150 liters per second in the rainy season and 90 liters per second in the dry season.

Panorama waterfall blowing grains of water wrapped with natural beauty and enhanced with cool mountain air is so natural is indeed a remarkable appeal for tourists. On weekends or national holidays, the place is visited by tourists both from home and abroad.


And many more of them. Waiting join us Outbound Malang.

Mount Kelud Exotic Beauty

Mount Kelud does have a myriad of beauty that you can enjoy. Located about 30 km from the center of Kediri Attraction eastwards Mount Kelud is indeed one destination attraction very beautiful volcano in eastern Java in addition to attractions or attractions Mount Bromo Mount Semeru.


History of Mount Kelud


Once upon a time Dewi Kilisuci daughters Jenggolo Manik famous for her beauty spoken for two kings. However, applying instead of the human race, because of the one-headed calf named Ox King Suro and only song-headed buffalo named Mahesa Suro.


History Mount Kelud continued with the contest that can not be done by ordinary people to both of them, by Dewi Kilisuci own that aims to reject such applications, which makes two wells on the summit of Mount Kelud, one should smelled fishy and the other must-smelling and must be completed in one night or until the cock crowed.


outbound malang


Finally, with his supernatural powers the Ox-king and Mahesa Suro, the contest is affordable. After working all night on Mount Kelud, both won in the competition. Dewi Kilisuci but still do not want to marry. Then Dewi Kilisuci filed a request again. Then the two kings will have to prove first that the two wells are really smelling and fishy with the way they both had to go to the well.


Since they were both deceived by flattery Dewi Kilisuci, both went into the very deep wells. Once they were inside the well, and then Dewi Kilisuci instruct Jenggala  soldiers to hoard them with stones. Then died Mahesa Suro and Ox-King Suro in the Well of the results of homemade itself on Mount Kelud. But before dying Ox Suro had vowed to say (in the Java language) “Yoh, wong Kediri mbesuk bakal pethuk piwalesku sing makaping kaping yoiku. Kediri bakal dadi kali, Blitar dadi latar, Tulungagung bakal dadi Kedung”.  Which is means (yes, the Kediri tomorrow will get a very large my revenge . Kediri going to be a river, Blitar will be terrain and Tulungagung into the giant lake.

outbound malang


Origins of a Legend is finally public Kelud slopes of Mount Kelud make offerings as a starting custody oath was called “Larung Sesaji”. The event was held annually on 23 months sura by society “Sugih Waras”. But special implementation in 2006 deliberately executed by the Regent of Kediri to improve the prestige of regional travel. Implementation of the ritual is also a promotional vehicle to increase tourist visits to come to the town of Kediri.


outbound malang


Kelud is an active volcano located in East Java, precisely between Kediri and Blitar. Mountains with an elevation of 1,731 meters above sea level, can be accessed via Kediri, Blitar district to of also can, only in the end also passes through Kediri.


Kelud mountain peak about 40 km from the town of Kediri, or about an hour away by motor vehicle. The road is paved up to the location, just a lot of rise and fall is quite extreem, so be aware of vehicles that are used if you want to come here. The path can be passed, namely on:


Kediri City – Wates – Kelud Mount ( ± 40 Km )

Malang City – Pare _ Wates – Kelud Mount ( ± 100 Km )

Jombang City – Pare – Wates – Kleud Mount

Blitar City – Wates – Kelud Mount

outbound malang


Toward the area of the peak of Mount Kelud since 2004 the access road has been improved to facilitate the tourists as well as residents. Kelud has become a tourist attraction Kediri to the main attractions are the lava dome. At the peak of Gajahmungkur built observation post with a staircase made of cement. On weekend nights, the lava dome lighting the lamp colorful [34]. Besides, it has also provided a rock climbing lane at the top chippy, thermal baths, as well as the flying fox.


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10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Brain Capabilities

How often do you think about your brain? Do you often admire its extraordinary strength?

If you’re like most people, the answer is “no”.

The astonishing fact is that we only use 10% of our brain capacity, but ironically often than we think to invest in improving the ability of our brain. For a long time, scientists believed that we had stuck to the ability of our brain from birth. Fortunately, this hypothesis has been abandoned!

kemampuan otak

Currently there called neuroplasticity – a new theory that has proved one very remarkable fact: Our brains can be changed.

This means that if you are not smart in one area – it’s not a problem! You have the option to ‘transform’ the area in your brain through a little training.

Your brain is like a muscle. You only need to train regularly.

The interesting thing is that you do not have to be a millionaire to increase the capacity of your brain. All you have to do is invest a little time to regularly exercise your brain.

So what can you do?

Here are 10 simple ways you can boost your brain power, as well as your wit!

1. Do something new

When you do something ‘new’, you will ‘stimulate’ your brain! Do not get stuck with doing the same old thing – the only way to change the structure of your brain is doing something new. This will create new neural pathways and ultimately increase your intelligence. You can take a new route to work, try a new recipe for dinner, or even a new exercise method.

2. Exercise regularly

It has been proven that regular exercise helps boost brain function and enhances neurogenesis. This means that every time you exercise you make new brain cells! Get up off the couch and move! Your brain will thank you for it 🙂

3. Train your memory

How often do you hear people say “I wish I had a better memory!” But no one is doing anything about it! If you discipline yourself to memorize phone numbers and other key numbers (passport, credit cards, insurance, driving license) you will begin to see a marked improvement in your memory.

4. Have a high curiosity

Compared to accept things as they are, start to get used to question things / items that you meet or get. By having a high curiosity and question everything, you force your brain to innovate and create new ideas. Because curiosity know it’s super important things like electricity and computers discovered.

5. Be positive

Stress and anxiety will kill existing brain neurons and also stop the formation of new neurons. Research has shown that positive thinking, especially in a tense time, will accelerate the formation of cells and dramatically reduce stress and anxiety. Seek earnestly to replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts. (See also 7 How To Eliminate Negative Thoughts From Your Head)

6. Eat healthy

A diet that we do have a huge impact on brain function. Our brains consume more than 20% of all the nutrients and oxygen into the body – so remember to feed your brain with things that are good! (Ie fresh fruits, vegetables and omega 3 which are found in oily fish)

7. Reading books

Reading will reduce tension and stress (brain cell killing). Research has also shown that using your imagination is a great way to train the brain because you force your mind to ‘draw’ what you imagine. Reading is a great way to spark your imagination!

8. Get enough sleep

Sleep like a mini detox for the brain. Sleep is the time for your body to regenerate cells and eliminate all the toxins that have been stockpiled for 1 day. Went to sleep between 21:00 until 24.00 hours to benefit from the most effective time to sleep!

9. Forget GPS

GPS may have made our lives easier, but also make our brains become lazier and less efficient at the same time! Back to the old ways and use the map to navigate from now (It will train the part of your brain responsible for understanding spatial).

10. Stop using calculator

Think back to the time at school when we were taught to use our brains do some simple calculations. It is ironic today we rely on devices such as smart phones and laptops to compute a very simple equation. Hold yourself to work using an external device – instead use a device that you were born with: your brain! So, I suggest you to going on here

Kate Middleton to Appear Relaxed Mode Magazine Largest in the UK

Kate Middleton is one of the noble women of Europe’s most photographed in the world.

The main reason, of course, because of her expertise in looking elegant. Wrapped renowned fashion designer or equivalent casual, she always looks full of charm and beautiful.

The number of images that downstream Kate Homecoming in the realm of international media, but only now exclusive photo mother of Prince George and Princess Charlotte is going to be on the cover of the world’s leading fashion magazines, Vogue.

Yes, the issue of British Vogue magazine celebrates the 100th edition by showing the Duchess of Cambridge as the cover model for the issue in June 2016.

The presence of Kate is a smart choice result of collaboration Vogue and the National Portrait Gallery in England.

Both chose Kate to appear very relaxed. Background suburb British calm and cool is a good option to improve the composition of the iconic photograph.

Kate photoshoot involves Lucinda Chambers, Vogue Fashion Director, clearly reveal another figure of the princess who is known fond of the style of casual clothing.

Her hair loose and light makeup painted so perfect to show the beauty that is natural.

Kate’s step follows the late Princess Diana who has been elected four times as a model of the cover of Vogue in the past.

Previously, awesome pictures of Princess Diana were the work of a seasoned photographer named Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue published in July 1994 and December 1991.

Then, for the edition of Vogue in 1981, featuring Diana as a candidate companion of Prince Charles which was published before the wedding magnificent both in the same year.

Last photos of Diana appeared as the cover of Vogue in October 1997 to celebrate the life of the princess who was very loved by the British people and other citizens of the world. Come to mukena sutra paris and get more info

Raising Contributing Nation through Education

There is a saying, “If you had to choose between science and treasure, then choose science. Because of sound science to bear treasure”. Based on these principles, Special Unit of Upstream Oil and Gas (SKK Migas) and cooperation contracts (PSC) to contribute in education.

As part of its commitment, many concrete actions undertaken SKK Migas and the PSC in developing education around the Work Area (WK) Migas. This is done without forgetting its main task is to do the exploration and production of oil and gas.

The education program that is run through social responsibility (TJS), became one of the priority compared to other fields. For example, of around Rp 470 billion commitment to social responsibility in the upstream oil and gas industry in 2016, education received 19% portion.Berkontribusi Membesarkan Bangsa Melalui Pendidikan


TJS educational programs directed at strategic activities that could answer the problems of education in Indonesia. Covering scholarships, educational infrastructure, improving teacher competence and competence upstream oil and gas.

In carrying out the program, the upstream oil and gas industry works with communities around the area of operation, and local NGOs and national, as well as local and central government.
Concern upstream oil and gas industry is also realized through the rebuilding of schools in post-disaster areas. Carrying oil and gas industry has disbursed nearly USD 30 billion for education infrastructure in the affected areas, such as Yogyakarta, West Sumatra and West Java.

In Musi Banyuasin – South Sumatra, one of the PSC in collaboration with communities and build a plantation company MTs (MTs) Al Hegira, Sungai Lilin.

On top of the community land grants, upstream oil and gas industry directly involved in the construction of two classrooms and a teachers’ room. Nurhayati, one of the local villagers said he was happy with the madrasah development assistance.

According Nurhayati, has long craved their citizens madrasah buildings are of good quality and also adequate. With the construction of the madrassa, teaching hours, students became more, that morning and evening. “Children can learn with pleasure and teachers also taught to feel comfortable,” said Nurhayati.

In Bojonegoro and Tuban – East Java, one of the PSC’s partnered with Foundation for Learning Partners (YMP) running the Language Training Program for Teachers of English (Language Training Program for English Teachers) workshop with patterns.

In the early stages of the program, 18 English teachers in Bojonegoro and 15 teachers of English in Tuban given training methods of teaching English are effective and attractive.

Not only that, the teachers were given access to a number of alternative teaching materials that they can use. Such as video and good reading materials to practice English sensibilities.

“Teachers skillfully equipped with teaching materials are accurate and up-to-date will increase student motivation,” said the national education experts – Itje Chodidjah involved in the program.
Residents of the village of Java, district Sanga-Sanga, Kutai District – East Kalimantan program also greatly benefit from upstream oil and gas industry. Sanga-Sanga, PSC worked closely with People Care Fund (DPU) of East Kalimantan.

They held a “Training 100 ECD Great Teacher” followed by teachers of kindergarten / early childhood sub-district Sanga-Sanga, Anggana, Muara Jawa and Samboja. Materials provided about how teachers understand teaching methods and curriculum upgrade in 2013 for early childhood education.

This training was enthusiastically welcomed as participants fairly rare to get a program improvement as well as a kindergarten teacher competence / early childhood in the region. “I hope there is a later stage, as the teachers in our schools, including at other schools in Sanga-Sanga not all have equal opportunities,” said Sumarti, one of the teachers.

A similar opinion was expressed leaders Playgroup (KB) Rose who are on the road Simpang Village Farmers Java, Suminah. “The program is exemplary because the company together educational institutions also have the same responsibility in the efforts to promote the education of the nation,” he said. On assistance from upstream oil and gas industry, one of the early childhood education in the area of Wajo even won the championship 1 ECD South Sulawesi.

Spokesman SKK Migas – Taslim Z. Yunus said the upstream oil and gas industry committed to continue improving the program TJS. He cautions, TJS educational upstream oil and gas sector should not simply charity or charities alone, but must be strategic.

“That is, should be able to empower and improve the quality of Indonesian human resources,” he said. Hopefully, the TJS who do have aspects of sustainability for natural resources, and human resources.

AC Milan Detained Frosinone, Brocchi Satisfied

AC Milan coach, Cristian Brocchi, grateful for a 3-3 draw that his team won at home to Frosinone in Serie A at the San Siro on Sunday (05/01/2016).

Acting as a guest team, Frosinone appear surprising quick goal by Luca Paganini at the beginning of the match and Oliver Kragl at the end of the first half.

Frosinone additional goals in the second half scored by Federico Dionisi. However, AC Milan who rose in the second half could pursue a goal by Carlos Bacca, Luca Antonelli, and Jeremy Menez.

The success of AC Milan overcome two goals appreciated by Brocchi. He was satisfied with his team’s performance.

“Yes, we played badly against HellasVerona last week. However, for this match,” said Sinisa Mihajlovic penggati that after the game told Mediaset Premium.

“We had two goals first. However, the reaction and the determination of the players to cope with the pace to be commended,” said Brocchi.

11 – Against Frosinone, AC Milan have fired the most shots (11) and made the most crosses (32, open play) in a match of this Serie A. Attack

– OptaPaolo (@OptaPaolo) May 1, 2016
The draw makes the position of AC Milan imprinted on 7th standings with points 54. However, Brocchi is optimistic that his team’s chances to win the Italian Cup is still open.

“I’m sure if consistently play like this, we can beat Juventus in the Coppa Italia final,” said the 40-year-old coach.

One point of Frosinone makes Brocchi has won just one of four matches with AC Milan since he replaces Mihajlovic.

Carlos Bacca et al still leaves game versus Bologna (05/07/2016) and Rome (15/05/2016) in the Serie A 2015-2016. The club nicknamed the Rossoneri also will compete in the final round of the Italian Cup at the Stadio Olimpico on Saturday (05/21/2016). Great source on Web seputar olahraga

Function, Strength, & Meaning Ideology

Ideology function ~ Every nation in every aspect of ideology requires kahidupan state. Therefore, ideology largely determine the existence of a nation. But apasih actually functions of this ideology. After the previous article we have discussed fully what is ideology and the types, on this occasion Zone Students will present the function of ideology itself and its strength and meaning for a country. May be useful. Check this out !!!


Fungsi Ideologi, Kekuatan Ideologi, dan Makna Ideologi | www.zonasiswa.com

A. Function of Ideology

Once the importance of an ideology in the life of the nation so that ideology can function as follows.

Cognitive the structure, namely keselurauhan knowledge is the basis for understanding and manafsirkan world and the events in the natural surroundings.
Market orientation, that is open knowledge that gives meaning and indicate the purpose in human life.
Providing norm-nora yan energy policy guidelines and guidance for a person or a community to step up and act.
Provide supplies and a way for a person or a community to find an identity.
Force capable of encouraging and pushing a person or people to carry out activities and achieve goals.
Education for the person or people to understand, appreciate, and create patterns of behavior in accordance with the orientations and norms contained therein.

Function Ideology, Power of Ideology and Ideological Meaning | www.zonasiswa.com

B. Power of Ideology

Ideological force depends on the quality of the three dimensions contained in this ideology, is as follows.

dimensional Reality
Basic values contained in this ideology in real life in and originating from the culture and historical experiences of the community or nation.

dimensions Idealism
The basic values that ideology contains idealism that gives hope for the future for the better through experience in the practice of everyday life together.

Dimensions Fleskibilitas (Development)
The ideology of the flexibility which has stimulated the development of new ideas that are relevant to the ideology in question without eliminating or meningkari identity contained on these basic values.

C. Meaning of Ideology

Meaning the ideology of a country can be interpreted as an aspiration of the country.

Ideology has high degrees as niali life nationhood and statehood.
Ideology can realize the principle of spiritual world view and outlook on life.
“The question is how we can increase the number of customers who are based in Estonia, because if you want to be a richer country you need more customers, and we do not have that many customers,” said Taavi Kotka, chief information officer Estonia.

According Kotka, the only way to increase the population of Estonia is to increase the number of digital population. That’s because nobody wants to be physically located in Estonia, related to its geographical location which is far from ubiquitous.

Nowadays every 1.3 million residents of Estonia have our identity cards are equipped with a unique identifier. Is unique because the card has access to a database that stores data of the population, such as a signature, as quoted from Business Insider, Tuesday (03/05/2016).

By doing so, these cards can be used to sign documents online, as well as verifying their identity. The card allows citizens to access more than 1,000 public services, such as health and pay taxes online.

“This is the CAAS. There is also a SaaS (software as a service). While we use is the country as a service. That’s our ambition. It started a year ago and we’ve got about 10 thousand users at the moment. When viewed as a startup, it is quite significant, “said Kotka.

Basically, people who sign up as a digital population will have access to various public services owned by Estonia. However, expected by Kotka, people will then set up a company in Estonia online, which will then provide tax receipts for Estonia.

“You can still work from Bali or wherever you are as long as have an internet connection,” he said as he showed an Estonian company called Leapin.eu, which provides services to make companies online. Find related article from web edukasi indonesia